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Conspiracy Theory – What has this phrase come to mean?

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Conspiracy theory. A phrase that has come to cause conjecture, to those who believe and those who do not. Given the eye-rolling, frowning etc. from those less inclined, is a change of terminology now required? We are in a time when these assertions, these questions are highly relevant. People are becoming more aware of their lack of control and moreover, where the control does lie. For those who believe, there has never been a more pertinent time to hopefully bring these theories to a wider audience. People may be now prepared to show interest and more importantly, to listen.

Even though believers would not mind a non-believers brush off, the former would surely have to concede that there is a certain stigma attached to the phrase. Until a better phrase comes along, we stick with it. The problem in finding a new, less stigmatised phrase, is that it describes exactly what it intends. The only way around this, is to start to use tangible reasons for the initial doubt. When ‘conspiracy theory’ is uttered, tinfoil hats and other such visions come to mind of those who, eye-roll. This is to be expected. The media has done such a marvellous job at disparaging any threat to power, to ridicule those who question, that they now have to rarely put theorists down directly; the public will do that for them. Anyone who has, even well-constructed, perfectly good points to raise, a question to the told story, will be routinely shouted down. The points that put over, points that demand answers, are either greeted with the archetypal ‘hear no evil’ stance, otherwise known as ‘normalcy bias’, or explanations that are as west to the believer as was the initial point to the non-believer. Occam’s Razor is generally used to explain things away, or, more to the point, what they probably aren’t. Theorists should use this also. For example, whilst you may be convinced that al-Qaeda were not responsible for 9/11, it would be wise to not claim the towers were brought down by a space laser. It does not help a theorist’s case and one cannot help but understand why non-believers shout theorists down.

It is time to be real about this; from both sides. Theorists should use what is there, non-believers, if they are to engage, open their minds, even just a touch. Just because theorists evidence and questions goes against the grain, doesn’t mean they don’t have a point (Gallileo v the church anyone?) It is for the theorist to understand that a family, constantly racing through life and bill-balancing, may not have the time and/or inclination to get involved. No-one has a right to tell someone what should be important to them. If someone says ‘ah, but there’s nothing we can do about it’, I certainly would not castigate this person. Educate if you can. Certainly, theorists are doing what they do to blow holes in stories, but the backlash from this and another reason why this is done, is to help free and educate those who are not able to get involved and maybe bring something to the attention of those who only see tinfoil hats.

It’s not just that the theorists feel they are having the wool pulled over their eyes, lied to, compromised, ruled; they feel the wool is being pulled over EVERYONE’S eyes. The thoughts, words and actions of believers are generally far from self-indulgence. There is a bigger picture being painted and believers merely want the artists shown.

Going back to fair points, fair questions, fair anomalous instances, those to used to strengthen a case which would ordinarily be laughed at, let’s take some examples from 9/11….

The aircraft that flew into the towers were supposedly standard, commercial airliners. On closer inspection, it was openly seen that these aircraft had ‘pods’ attached to the undercarriage (search 9/11 pods’ for numerous images). A viewing of the documentary ‘9/11 Ripple Effect’ shows a naval aircraft spotter of thirty years agreeing that this is not at all normal on commercial airliners, but certainly are on certain military aircraft (comparison photos being shown). It has been stated that, even thought these are openly sold objects, the appearance of these pods are the sun causing shadows on the undercarriage. Despite the fact, whichever angle the airliners were filmed or photographed, the pods were still there. What are these pods? Why were they on ‘commercial airliners’?
How was a pristine passport of one of the purported terrorists found amongst the rubble of the towers? Not a computer monitor, not a chair, not a table was found amongst the pulverised remains, yet a paper passport was found in good shape. Not even another passport was found, just this impossibly convenient artefact. Can Occam’s Razor really explain this? Also, why was a will ‘found’ amongst Mohammed Atta’s suitcase? Why would someone on a suicide mission, take ANYTHING with him, much less a will?
The Pentagon is one of the most protected, surveillanced buildings on the planet, yet there is absolutely no CCTV footage of a commercial airliner flying into the building. Surely, if you were trying to prove something, something that is apparently beyond question, you would provide all available evidence? Shortly after 9/11, Condoleeza Rice said this footage was being readied to be shown to the public. As of August 2012, this has yet to be shown. The FBI confiscated CCTV footage from the locality (petrol stations, hotels etc). This is to be expected, given an investigation was under way. Again, we are yet to see any of this footage, this ‘proof’. Given that you cannot drop a piece of litter without someone catching you on camera, it seems utterly implausible that absolutely no footage has been shown showing a commercial airliner hitting the Pentagon. As an aside, why, given that the ‘airliner’ hit the Pentagon, would a terrorist not fly for just a few more seconds and fly into the White House? Surely that would be a terrorist’s ultimate prize? Check a map; it’s virtually behind the Pentagon. Surely nothing would have made such a statement that day against the United States? Why pick up a five pound note, when you could walk for a further ten seconds and pick up a twenty?
These examples are not even close to being the tiniest bit of the tip of a 9/11 iceberg. I, too, at the time, believed that 9/11 was perpetrated by al-Qaeda. That’s what we were told. Then I looked into it. No-one persuaded me, nor did anyone even try to. I can’t even remember why I did. Given I originally bought the official story, I, too could have easily dismissed what I was finding. A whole heap did not make any sense, nor seem plausible. It lead me to search further, not merely into 9/11, but beyond. It has been a continuous search, as even 9/11 itself is not even close to being the tiniest tip of an iceberg that has been forming through history and seems to be getting bigger, more global. This ‘berg does not seem to be melting. I would urge anyone with any interest to research. Research what you can, but do so with an open mind. Don’t believe everything written, nor dismiss either. Be discerning. Sift out the globalist’s rhetoric, but also sift out over active imaginations. Be fair. Be something the powers are not.


The 7/7 London Bombings: Documents Prove that the Official Story Cannot be True

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The 7/7 London Bombings: Documents Prove that the Official Story Cannot be True

An amazingly in-depth look at the evidence regarding the 7/7 London bombings that blows the official story out of the water. We would have written a piece about this ourselves but this article is better than any we could have produced. It displays very similar practice to the the 911 inquiry and is scarily similar in many respects regarding the white wash that has occurred and the media dumbing down that would inevitably follow.

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To All Military and Police: It’s time to wake up and serve “We The People”!!

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Oh Capitalism, you’re not what we thought you were…

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Excellent blog that covers all the main points better than we could have possibly hoped to. Check out the video. We could not put it clearer ourselves.


Saman Mohammadi 

July 13, 2012

Re Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues re education camp
The mainstream media is a concentration camp of the mind.
The bankster-hijacked U.S. government is planning to construct re-education camps in America to convert the population to globalism and corporatism. They are targeting conservatives and liberals alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Israeli-Firster, a born-again American, or a turban-wearing Jihadist, you are all the same pieces of trash in the eyes of your new globalist fascist overlords.

What kind of totalitarian propaganda should one expect in a new world order re-education camp? And from what intellectual angles will psyop officers target the minds of their victims in these militarized death camps? This article will tackle both questions from the perspective of conspiracy theorists/people who care about facts and evidence.

II. Re-Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues

I will list five key issues that matter to the globalist fascists and totalitarian overlords…

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9-11 and the British Broadcasting Conspiracy

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Below is a video about the BBC and their part in  covering up 9/11. The BBC documentary about 9/11 on “The Conspiracy files” is shown to ignore vital evidence, gloss over important facts and give a highly inaccurate portrayal of events that day. Pay particular attention to the times that planes were scrambled to counter the hijacked planes. The planes were travelling much slower than their normal speed when scrambled and this was not reported on the documentary. The times scrambled were changed by tauthorities and no explanation was given from the 911 committee for this except that it was a mistake on the air force’s part and to ignore the initial statement.

Why did the BBC not tell its public that most of the steel was recovered from ground zero and shipped abroad without forensic analysis? This is removal of evidence surely? A criminal offence. Why do they not mention that the steel that was salvaged and tested has sulphur, manganese and other chemicals?  Sulphur is a by-product of Thermate, a substance used in controlled demolition. The only realistic explanation as to why the steel was warped and moulded together. A plane explosion could not do that. How was reinforced concrete pulverised? Where did the energy come from to propel it across New York? Fires were still raging of 2000 Degrees Fahrenheit below ground zero a week later.

Why did the producers of The Conspiracy Files refuse to include the testimony of eye witnesses. Because all the testimony conflicts with the argument presented in their programme and indeed all the evidence that has been found completely debunks their scripted and manufactured version of events. The BBC also reported the collapse of Building Seven “The Solomon” Building before it collapsed. There is a clip on this video of the BBC reporter talking about the collapse while the building is clearly still standing behind her. The BBC say the original tapes were mislaid and blamed it on a cock-up not a conspiracy.

The BBC is another arm of control, like FOX and CNN, run by the same people that tried to cover up 9/11.  Do your research and if you are prepared to wake up and see the truth you will no longer believe those that would tell you otherwise, those that manipulate your media, your thoughts and your lives in their attempt to control and subdue the very thing that makes us human – The inherent need to question what we are told and to be shown evidence before we are asked to judge and condemn.

Did you know that in 1962 the US Military Chiefs agreed to the use of false flag operations on US interests to provoke a war with Cuba.? If you want to know more about false flag operations and political manipulation then look up GLADIO on Google and you will begin to see the extent government agencies will go to engineer the future to their own ends All the conspiracy theorists in the BBC’s film were represented as fanatics, drop outs and losers. We believe the theorists. Infact we are them. We have good jobs, are well educated and do not make snap judgements until we see all the evidence. We have seen a lot of evidence and we do not believe the official story as we are intelligent, well educated people.

“It is up to us seize the day. If we do not we will live under the jackboot of tyranny. The time to stand up and take responsibility is now” David Shayler

Shrinking The World

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 False Flags, Illegal Wars and The Globalist Nightmare Vision of the Future… 

Amidst all the chaos of the current global political, financial and economic crisis, there sits at the top of the pyramid a small ruling elite who control, via manipulation of financial institutions, government agencies and mass media, the fate of all mankind. Throughout history man has been opposed to secret societies, yet at the same time man has unwittingly been controlled by them. Today, as the death toll rises through ‘random’ acts of terrorism and ‘democratic’ and ‘civilised’ countries start illegal wars all over the world, in the guise of saviours and crusaders for the rights of ‘decent folk’ , we are beginning to see the chinks in the armour of concealment and deception that has protected this vile and corrupt elite for far too long.  

With theories flying everywhere about the tragedy of September 11, new evidence is emerging daily on the internet that contradicts the official line of the Whitehouse, however wild and outrageous it may seem to some. Evidence that implicates the very establishment that has vilified these attacks on its own people, the very establishment that has used these attacks as a precursor to a global war on terror. Osama Bin Laden, figurehead of the ‘Axis of Evil’, is now dead, according to the official story and the photographic ‘evidence’ and testimony of his killers, as of course is Saddam Hussein, who the west went to war against on the made up premise of finding illegal WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), that were never found because they were never there. The world should be able to sleep safely at last, in the knowledge that these two ‘monsters’ are safely six foot under the earth. 

 Yet the wars still rage and western troops continue to occupy the middle east. The Taliban are still at large in Afghanistan, which has turned in to a reconstruction of Vietnam, middle east style and it looks like it will be staying that way for some time, with no parley on the horizon. Indeed, the US now has army bases in almost every country in the world and continues to assert its presence internationally, pushing the Western way of life, in an effort to speed up globalisation.

Many cultures throughout history have tried to form empires and rule the world and they have all failed. The Ancient Romans, even with all their might and magnificence could not manage it. Genghis Kahn for all his strength and guile could not hold on to his empire for long. Even Alexander the Great, master of all he surveyed and one of the most powerful men in history who’s dominion stretched across almost all the ancient world could not manage  hold on to it forever and the British Empire with its vast overseas colonies, incomes and huge army, also failed in its quest for global domination. 

So this begs the question of how a culture that is only a few hundred years old can achieve what all these great nations steeped in antiquity could not? How can you achieve global domination where so many others have failed. How can you possibly oversee the population of an entire planet and keep it that way? The answer is simple. Shrink it. 

By shrinking the population of the planet to a fraction of its size it becomes much easier to control from a central point. By separating the world into more manageable blocks it becomes easy to administrate. By downsizing everything and asserting totalitarian control over the new populous and enforcing mental conditioning from this new day one scenario, the civilisation would grow again but under total control of its new masters and thus, world domination could be achieved in the form of a New World Order. 

But how would the world be come depopulated? A natural disaster? Genocide? A natural disaster could not be foreseen surely so how could any ruling elite or powerful group possibly prepare for that? Surely they could not cause it? Could they? Then what of genocide? How could genocide by committed by a culture that advocates democracy,freedom of speech and equal rights? Surely people with minds like Hitler, Kim Il Jung and Pol Pot couldn’t be sat in positions of power in our very own western society? The idea of course is preposterous and these can only be the musings of a tired and over sensitive mind.

To think that our western leaders would advocate the unlawful killing of millions of people so they could achieve the nightmare of a world with a centralised government, currency and identity that subscribed to mind control and human genetic manipulationis is so far out it belongs in a science fiction novel like Huxley’s “Brave New World” or Orwell’s “1984” and should be consigned to fires of delusion and never be broached again. But what if it was true? What if that was really what this ruling elite, these Bildeburgers and so called Illuminati had in mind? What if they managed to succeed? 

What if we found out that the wars in Iraq, the attacks of 9/11, the London Bombings of 7/7 were all committed by the same tiny group as precursor to the beginning of their New World and the end of civilisation as we know it? What if their plan was to create international incident after incident that would create a mass apathy within the populous, who by now would be so worn down with conspiracy theories and uncertainties that they would just give up and take the company line, become unwitting slaves to an inhuman collective of powerful psychopaths, bent on world domination and total control? A tall story indeed and one which would undoubtedly make a great Hollywood blockbuster. Perhaps if they do make it they should call it, “What If ?”